People actually study this stuff?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I read stories on various health and fitness studies and think “Wow! I never thought of that!”  Hopefully by rounding up these random links we can all avoid what seem to be common health and fitness mistakes while learning something new!

  • Would you like two hours of exercise with that? – Studies show that seeing the calorie count of an item isn’t likely to influence your decision, but seeing the time you must spend in the gym to burn it off might.  Does this ring true for you?  I don’t think it would for me.  As someone who loves the gym, I think the calorie counts would scare me more.  It already works when I go to Starbucks…I haven’t had that delicious lemon pound cake in a year. 😦
  • LC to the rescue! – Speaking of calorie counts, you can try reducing them by using these healthy-swap tips from everyone’s favorite Laguna Beach resident, LC.  Considering she looks better now than she did when she was being hated on by that meanie Kristen, we might want to listen to her.
  • The recovery benefits of compression wear. – I purchased my first pair of compression socks at the Philadelphia Marathon expo last year and wore them after the race. While I almost injured myself trying to get them on (those suckers are TIGHT!) I will say that I wasn’t as sore as I was the year before.  I’ll let you know if I ever get up the courage to run in them!
  • Cheesy Quotes – I mean, some of these are TRULY cheesy, but if one person gets any motivation from them, they have done their job.

Speaking of motivational quotes, let me leave you with my favorite…



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