“You ate a whole wheel of cheese?”: Laughing Cow Alfredo Sauce

Despite my overabundance of freckles, I am Italian.  And with my heritage comes an unending desire to consume mass amounts of carbohydrates in the form of pasta.  Cover it with veggies, cheese, chicken…doens’t matter.  I want it and I want it now.

The one thing I do manage to avoid mostly is alfredo sauce.  Aftering looking up the nutrition facts in high school for the Olive Garden alfredo (found here if you are willing to deal with the consequences) it was pretty easy to give it up.  But don’t get me wrong…I do miss it.

So imagine my excitement when I was on my fourth hour of Pinning one day and say someone’s post about Laughing Cow Alfredo Sauce!  I was pretty excited to give it a shot, so I rounded up some test subjects and started in on the deliciousness.

All of the delicious ingredients!

I was left at the mercy of Whole Foods’ Laughing Cow selection, so I had to buy the original instead of the light.  It was a marginal difference in fat and calories (about a 15 calorie and 2.5g fat per wedge difference) but it could make a difference if you’re following Weight Watchers or just a really diligent calorie counter.

This is the best part: all you do is combine all of the ingreidents in a pan and cook over low heat until everything melts together.  I chopped up some sundried tomatoes and cooked them in the sauce for a little different flavor.  I’ll involve sundried tomatoes in anything I can.


It was a hit!  The only thing I’d recommend is using a whisk while you’re cooking it.  I either couldn’t find mine or don’t have one (my apartment is very tiny, there’s only room for essentials like a juicer and a SodaStream) and the sauce had some lumps in it.  Also, I like a good amount of sauce on my pasta, so I’d recommend making a little more than the recipe indicates.  This might defeat the purpose of “light alfredo” but that’s what running is for.

Speaking of running, I’m leaving for Strasburg, VA in a few hours to celebrate the wedding of two very special people.  If you know of any good running routes for me for tomorrow, let me know!

Did you like the recipe?  Do you have any lightened up favorites to share?

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