Getting Back Into XTing

I went out for my run on Monday after work and felt a sharp pain in my knee.  I’m sure it was just a misstep in my running form and it only lasted for a split second, but it made me think about how much pounding my knees have taken over the years, especially in the last few months.

With my tragically flat feet, it is important that I take care of my joints, especially my knees.  I have perfected the shoe (Asics Kayano, in case you’re wondering) but I have really let XTing fall to the wayside the past few months.  I know we’re all busy, and fitting in training is tough, let alone extra activity, but it’s just as important in my book.  And boy, have I been letting it slide.

My top two cross-training workouts are swimming and yoga.  Both have minimal, if any, pounding on the joints and it gives me a chance to stretch out and loosen up my muscles, especially in piegon pose…we need to open up those tight runners hips!!!

Amazingly, I managed to do both this week!  The stars aligned (aka I got over my FOMO and did other stuff) and swam on Tuesday morning and did yoga Wednesday evening.  The combination of those two activites is probably why my arms are killing me today, but my legs and hips feel like a million bucks.  I know I keep saying this, but I WILL make this a regular part of my routine!

Fitness goals for October:

1. Take time to swim and go to yoga at least once per week.

2. Start working in hill work to my regular running routine.

Let me leave you with this little gem…

What are your fitness goals for October?  How do you cross train?

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