Five Favorite Things on Friday

My posting is extra discombobulated this week.  With snow days and having off on Monday for MLK, I’ve only had 2.5 days of work this week.  I forgot it was Friday until I looked at my phone this morning!  So without further adieu, I present my Five Favorite Things on Friday….

1. How many lunges Juliet made us do at Unite last night. – It’s no secret that I have no butt and my brother (who was once told he has a “donk” and considers that his biggest accomplishment in life thus far) informed me that if I want my own “donk” I’ll have to do lunges.  Thanks to Juliet (one of my favorites) I did about 50 last night.  My buns don’t feel nothin’ like steel, but I’m getting there.

2. This last snowfall. – We got over 13 inches in Philly, which in addition to giving us a day and a half off of work, also gave us time to frolic (aka Snowday Funday it up).

2a. My neighbors – Everyone actually shoveled their sidewalks this time!

My street, pre-shovel.

3. Silence – it’s something I’m not getting enough of at work right now.

4. Crossword puzzles. – Before my airline miles could expire, I used them to get a bajillion magazines. I was thrilled that New York Magazine has a crossword in the back!  I’m not very good at them, but I’m getting better!

I swear I’m getting better.

5. Breakfast for dinner. – Self explanatory, never gets old.  Some eggs, some chicken sausage, some tomatoes, and too much cheese.  Just enough deliciousness.


Long weekend and a snow day!

I had one of the best weekends I’ve had in awhile.

Friday started out with dinner at Alma de Cuba.  If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it.  Great ambiance and even better food.  After dinner, I headed over to the Academy of Music to see We Will Rock You!

photo 1 (2)

It is one of the most fun shows I have seen in awhile.  By the end, everyone is dancing and singing along with the actors.  Except for the Debbie Downer next to me, who wanted everyone to shut up.  His girlfriend was NOT pleased with his attitude. 🙂

I had to be up early for Unite on Saturday morning so I didn’t stay out too late on Friday.  The lovely Lauren picked me up for class which saved a lot of time and also kept me warm. 🙂  As always, the class was stellar.  I love leaving there feeling like I really gave it my all. After class, we went to brunch at Farmicia (also amazing!) and I saw the world’s biggest Celtic fan (not Boston, the soccer team).

photo 2
In addition to driving this car, he was also drunk and running around in all green. At noon. He is an inspiration.

After taking it easy and doing some laundry, I headed out for a relaxing night with my friends at the Cherry Street Tavern, which is a total dive and totally fun.  Luckily I controlled myself enough to make it to the 9am Run Like A Philly Girl meetup!

Between not running outside for awhile, the remains of a cold, and going out the night before, I was not prepped to tackle the 5 miler the girls were planning (it would be 7 when you add in me running to meet them and running home from the finish).  I told Allie, the organizer, that I’d just stick with them for 1.5 to make it a total of 3 for me.  Hopefully I’ll be able to tackle more when I go this Sunday!

I spent the rest of the day out my friends, watching football and laughing.  A friend of mine informed me that since Michael Fassbender likes to wear white henleys, he too wants to wear white henleys.  We all informed him that his logic was flawed, but still…you have to applaud his efforts.

I relaxed and kind of did school work on Monday, got dismissed at noon today due to the snow…it’s been an interesting weekend!  Sad my Unite class was cancelled today (it’s my favorite one of the week) but it’s not like I could have made it anyway!  Stay safe on the roads everyone!


Five Favorite Things on Friday

1. Flyers Games! – I got to see my first shoot out last night and even though we lost, it was still pretty exciting.

Which is better…Dollar Dog Night or Dollar Pretzel Night?

2. Bloglovin’ – I’m a little late to the party, but I recently switched internet browsers and lost my bookmarks.  I would have cried for days except I realized I set up Bloglovin’!  Productivity at work plummeted, but my happiness level went way up.

3. This dress from Gap. I bought it to wear to my birthday happy hour and I love it.  It feels like I’m wearing a giant sweatshirt to work that people think is super cute.

4. Julie from PB Fingers likes my blog name.  When she tweeted at me I had such a fan girl moment.



Things I Like From the Internets

I leave you with this picture…


7 Things NOT To Say When You’re Online Dating

One of my goals for 2014 was to go out on more dates.  And judging by the available men I’ve see out in Philly, I decided the best way to do that would be online dating.

I might have been very, very wrong.

The top 7 things NOT to say when you’re talking to someone online…

1. “Don’t message me if you’re a girl and not a woman.” – 1. You messaged ME.  2. What?  Where is the line between girl and woman drawn?  I pay my own bills, but I enjoy Harry Potter as much as the next 12 year old.  Get off my back, bro. 3. Most guys who say this are wearing some form of superhero memorabilia.

2. “LOL…I’m sorry, but you went to see John Mayer?” – Yeah, I did.  And it was awesome.  And so did a lot of other good looking girls that you’re probably going to alienate with that comment.  And I’ve loved John Mayer longer than I’ve loved any other man, so watch it.

3. “You fucking weirdo.  How are you? You’re pretty. – This needs no commentary.

4. “Quite sexy you are.” – Quite Yoda you’re not.  Form your sentences correctly, please.

5. “Hey…would you let someone rub your feet and serve you drinks?” – I would let someone do that, just not someone who uses that as an icebreaker.  I automatically assume you have a foot fetish and now I’m uncomfortable.

6. “I won’t use a line like ‘I lost my number…can I have yours?'” – Is this your way of telling me you’re not a creep?

7. “Can you cite this Camus quote without looking it up?” – No, and now I’m totally bored.

And with that…it’s time to pay attention in class.

Workin’ on my fitness.

Last night I got to go to my favorite class EVER….Anne Marie’s D Series (aka lots of cardio) at Unite.  It’s super hard but she’s so encouraging that most of the time I’m smiling from ear to ear while running at 6.5 on a 10 incline…not easy!  Last night was a totally different story.

The class and Anne Marie were still awesome, but I was not so awesome.  I don’t know if it was the fact I hadn’t worked out much in the past week (before Flywheel on Monday, my last workout was Anne Marie’s class last Tuesday) because of my cold or it was family stress from over the weekend, but I was not handling the cardio well.  I had to walk a lot (I might be slow, but I usually never walk in that class) and at times I felt like I was never going to catch my breath.  I know that means I’m pushing myself, but I knew that the pace and incline I was currently at would not normally cause that for me.

I pushed myself through the cardio and into the weight room.  FYI, Turkish Get Ups are not easy, in case you thought they were…crazy Turkish people.  I dropped down my weights and just forced myself to keep up as best as possible.  Despite Anne Marie’s assurances that I rocked it (I was rocky…I did not rock it, but thanks 🙂 )  I left feeling slightly discouraged.  I knew that I worked hard (I had to do a complete change of clothes before walking outside. No lie.) but I knew that my workout wasn’t as good as it could have been.

I know that my workouts will continue to improve as I recover from my cold, but I mean…really.  I just wanted to feel like a rock star…is that so much to ask?

Any tips on dealing with this type of frustration?

Gonna Fly now!

One of my goals for 2014 was to try new things, especially new fitness classes.  Luckily, a lot of the fun little “boutique gyms” offer the first class free, which is great for my wallet AND my sense of adventure.  First up…Flywheel!


I first noticed Flywheel because it was the only cycling gym that people talked about as much as SoulCycle (which still hasn’t hit Philly) and it didn’t hurt that it’s right next to my favorite brunch spot.  I didn’t know anyone personally who had taken a class, but I always got the “Oh, my friends love it.” comment whenever I mentioned it to someone.  With the weather being the way it was (is? will be again?) I decided that now would be the perfect time to take advantage of the indoor class!

First, the space is really great.  Clean and modern which gives you the boutiquey feel.  I noticed they had a lot of Flywheel merchandise, but I didn’t really take a look. The staff was super friendly and showed me around right away, which was great.  I hate wandering around looking like a newbie. They have multiple computers for you to check yourself in (you sign up online) and review your sign up info, such as which bike you’re on (every bike is numbered so there’s no confusion).  One of the coolest things about Flywheel is that everyone gets spin shoes!  It was fun to try them and it definitely does make a difference from spinning in my sneakers.  After shoving my stuff into one of their many lockers (that actually lock!) I was ready to get moving.

The spin room is pretty cool…it’s kind of like stadium seating for bikes and the instructor is in the center so everyone can see them. The staff was really helpful with setting up the bike and they even fixed my seat without making me unclip (which is great because I had clipping/unclipping issues).  I got there plenty early and had time to get warmed up and look around the room. Each bike has a power board (I think that’s what they called it) on it that gives you various stats about your workout.  It’s not like a normal bike display, so that does get a little confusing.

The class started off with the instructor (I had Hanna, who reminds me of a tinier Jillian Michaels) giving everyone the basic rundown of the class.  Basically, it’s 45 minutes of cycling with a short “break” at 30 minutes for 4 minutes of arm work with weighted bars that are next to your bike.  There’s also what they call the Torq Board, which ranks the members of the class based on their numbers.  The bikes are set up the same way as spin bikes, but they call the resistance Torq.  The Torq and RPMs are on the power board and that’s what most of the class is based off of and those are what gets you up on the Torq Board (scoreboard).  After the quick explanation, we were off!

#1 – Hanna’s music was awesome.  That is so important to me and it was such a help to get through my first class with my dignity intact.  Her energy was also contagious. I was getting a little frustrated because I couldn’t get my RPMs to the numbers she wanted, but with her encouragement I was able to hit the numbers sometimes and not get discouraged the others.  The arm segment is not to be dealt with lightly.  It’s short and to the point, but your arms are already a little fatigued from holding onto the handlebars.  I could definitely feel the burn in both the top and bottom halves of my body! Ten more minutes of spinning and we were done!

PROS: Great workout, fun atmosphere, friendly staff, easy to understand concept.

CONS: Price.  At $25 a class (when paid for individually) it’s an expensive habit and easily the most expensive workout class I’ve seen in Philly.  I don’t know if I can make that sort of financial commitment, no matter how much I loved it.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Excellent workout and a lot of fun…I want to go back but I’m not sure how often I’ll be there.  It’s hard to justify the expense BUT it is so fun…decisions decisions.

Five Favorite Things on Friday

In addition to my happiness posts, I figure I should spread the happiness with some of my favorite things from the week!

1. Unite’s “Mr. & Mrs. Carter” class – 75 minutes of sweat to the glorious Beyonce and her extremely good looking husband.  The only thing that could make this better is if we all had Beyonce’s body by the end of the workout.  We did not.

2. Buying books. – Thanks to my awesome brother, I am the proud owner of a Kindle, which I use all the time, but  I still love the feeling of real books and dream of one day having a library in my house.  Fortunately/unfortunately, Amazon’s One-Click makes this far too easy.  New shipment just came in yesterday!

One of these things is NOT like the others.

3. Grad school. – No, seriously.  I’ve been feeling particularly unfulfilled with my job lately and starting class last night gave me a boost to start climbing out of the rut I’m currently in.

4. The weather.  – Not one of those temperatures is a negative and they are both above freezing.  PRAISE RYAN GOSLING.


5. Frazier. – My friends Michelle and Tom have the best dog ever.  That’s all I have to say about that.  I got to walk him all around the neighborhood last night while Michelle picked up the poop.  Best relationship with a dude I’ve ever had.

Frazier likes to play dress up. Not really, but we like to play dress up with Frazier.

What are your favorite things on Fridays?  Any book recommendations?


Things I Like From the Internets


It’s really easy to be happy during the holidays, but I always experience a post-New Year’s crash.  Not a detox crash, though I experience that too, but an emotional crash.  You spend months building up to give gifts, drink, and be merry then suddenly you’re done.  The next celebratory holiday is Valentine’s Day and 99% of us hate that Hallmark shiz anyway.  So it’s up to everyone to find their own reasons to be happy, at least until Memorial Day Weekend.

That’s why I was drawn to a Facebook post my friend Steph put up recently, sharing a website called  The theory is that you take a few seconds each day to post a picture of something makes you happy to some social media site (you can also email it directly to the people behind the website for some privacy) with the hashtag #100happydays.  They hope it gives everyone a chance to notice one thing per day that inspires happiness.

The best part is that there’s not happiness requirements.  It could  be a picture of your new purse, your family, your pets, the gym, a clean kitchen…whatever makes YOU smile.  I have no doubt that food will be heavily featured in most people’s pictures of happiness.

My first #100happydays post…hot tea in my favorite mug.

I’m not sure how I’ll feel after 100 days of pictures, but I will say that taking a moment to really enjoy my hot tea during an otherwise sub-par day definitely brightened my mood.  And everyone knows that happy people are healthier people.  Who can pass an opportunity like this up??

I can’t wait to see what other little moments of happiness I’d otherwise take for granted.  Warning: there will be too many pictures of my cat.