Five Favorite Things on Friday

My posting is extra discombobulated this week.  With snow days and having off on Monday for MLK, I’ve only had 2.5 days of work this week.  I forgot it was Friday until I looked at my phone this morning!  So without further adieu, I present my Five Favorite Things on Friday….

1. How many lunges Juliet made us do at Unite last night. – It’s no secret that I have no butt and my brother (who was once told he has a “donk” and considers that his biggest accomplishment in life thus far) informed me that if I want my own “donk” I’ll have to do lunges.  Thanks to Juliet (one of my favorites) I did about 50 last night.  My buns don’t feel nothin’ like steel, but I’m getting there.

2. This last snowfall. – We got over 13 inches in Philly, which in addition to giving us a day and a half off of work, also gave us time to frolic (aka Snowday Funday it up).

2a. My neighbors – Everyone actually shoveled their sidewalks this time!

My street, pre-shovel.

3. Silence – it’s something I’m not getting enough of at work right now.

4. Crossword puzzles. – Before my airline miles could expire, I used them to get a bajillion magazines. I was thrilled that New York Magazine has a crossword in the back!  I’m not very good at them, but I’m getting better!

I swear I’m getting better.

5. Breakfast for dinner. – Self explanatory, never gets old.  Some eggs, some chicken sausage, some tomatoes, and too much cheese.  Just enough deliciousness.


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