It’s been a long December…and January…and February.

I am 99% sure that winter is never going to end.

The only time I’ve thought “Wow, the snow looks pretty.” since the first snowfall.

I’ve only been able to run outside a few times in 2014, mostly due to the ice and snow.  I am ok with “my hair is going to freeze” temps, but I am not ok with the amount of ice on the ground.  A week or two ago I was able to run outside a few times and it was glorious.


Marty shares my general feeling of despair.

Waking up to another 10-13 inches of snow on Thursday morning was just plain delightful.  I forced myself to go to Unite on my snow day, which was awesome.  Juliet’s class kicked my butt and made me feel a little better that I ate mostly (fine, only) carbs all day.

For the past two weeks, I’ve hit the gym regularly, which has been great.  I just miss the rest of my normally active lifestyle.  I walk everywhere, and it’s been next to impossible lately.  And that means I’m not outside much, which is not helping my attitude at all.  I crave sunshine.  It should warm up later this week which means I’ll try to get a run outside in before the next snow, but I also splurged and bought an unlimited month at Unite.  It’s a little out of my price range, but it’ll be worth it when the endorphins kick in and I don’t lose it on the next neighbor who doesn’t shovel or salt.

Luckily, my first race of 2014 is only a 5 miler, which the treadmill runs at Unite should have me ready for!  It won’t be super fast, but it won’t be the worst experience of my life.

How is winter going for you?  Has your training been derailed by the Snowpocolypse?  

My Love/Hate Relationship with Box Jumps.

Overall, I’m one of those sick freaks who legitimately loves to workout.  Gym, outside, pool, yoga studio…whatever.  I love it all.  But there are definitely some workout moves that I hate and doing box jumps at Unite last night made me think of the other ones….

1. Box Jumps – I am not coordinated enough to walk and talk, let alone jump up on anything.  I need to get over this, though…no more step ups!

2. Burpees – No one likes burpees and if you say you do, you’re lying.

The only man who could ever get me to do 100 burpees.

3. Pull-ups – I can’t do them, simple as that.  I WANT to do them, but I physically can’t. And then I feel awkward when the guy next to me is cranking them out…go home, dude.  No one is impressed.  Except for me. Silently.

4. Those things when your feet are on a workout ball and you have to curl your legs into your chest – Yes, that’s the technical name.  It’s my lack of core muscle coupled with my lack of coordination that is the real issue.  I’m always afraid I’m going to fall over and then next thing you know, everyone is in a crumpled heap because I can’t keep myself upright.

5. Turkish Getups – I feel like I look really stupid when I do them (which is really stupid) and I think I miss one of the moves when I do it.  It’s just weird.  And hard.

That being said, I still DO all of them.  Or try to.  I know they’re good for me, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy the actual motions.  One thing I do enjoy is the fact I now have some flippin sweet arm muscles.

Braving the winter weather (kinda).

It is no secret that I am not built for the winter weather.  In my mind, it should snow on Thanksgiving after everyone completes their Turkey Trots and again from Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, but not enough that it interferes with fun, running, or family travel plans.

At this point, I am feeling a lot like this 4-year-old, but a lot less adorable.

And by “feeling,” I mean I said something to that effect every time I’ve shoveled so far.

The constant coating of ice and snow has made it difficult to run outside regularly, but when I do get outside it’s this feeling of euphoria that is only rivaled by a really excellent sale on Michael Kors.


One thing that has really helped me stick with my regular routine (kinda) is making sure I have gym and running buddies lined up.  As usual, Steph is as crazy as I am and will always meet me if I ask and having Meghan meet me at Unite and Kate or Maddie meet me at yoga is a big help when it comes to keeping me honest!

I have also run with a local running group called Run Like A Philly Girl a few times.  The girls are super nice and I’m happy to know that they’re running just as many miles as I am at whatever pace they want and we’re all eventually accomplishing the same goal.  I don’t want to turn around early and disappoint them!

One issue I do have with running with a running group is my addiction to music.  I can’t chat while running and I love to take the time to zone out in my head.  Is it rude to keep one headphone in?  I want to make sure I’m pushing myself pace wise, which often makes breathing difficult and therefore talking sucks.

So, fellow group runners, please tell me what to do.  We all know I like talking as much more than the next person, so I don’t want them to think I’m a mean girl.  I also don’t want to pass out from lack of oxygen due to conversing!

On run days, we wear headphones. Or do we?



A full marathon….cause I’m fully crazy.

Someone needs to start taking my credit card away from me on paydays.  Not because I buy clothes or go out to expensive dinners, but because I can’t stop registering for races.  First it was the Cherry Blossom 10-miler…then it was the Back on my Feet 5 miler…and now it’s the 2014 Baltimore Marathon.  Yeah…they have a half and a 5K….but go big or go home.

Last year, leading up to the Philly Marathon, I just didn’t have it in me.  I just didn’t feel like it and anyone who has done a distance run knows that if your heart isn’t in it, there’s just no point.  A marathon is so much a mental game that I feel like doing a 20 mile training run isn’t for your endurance as much as it’s for your peace of mind that you can actually accomplish this stupid idea you had.  I was actually really proud of myself that I was ok with saying “I don’t want to do this anymore, so I won’t.”  Ever since my dad made me stay on my 4th grade basketball team even though I completely hated it, I haven’t really been a quitter.  The going gets tough and while I might not “get going” I normally don’t run in the opposite direction.  I knew that if I truly didn’t want to do it, I didn’t have to.

Then, a few weeks ago, my friend Steph and I started toying around with doing a different marathon this year.  I love Philadelphia, but it would be nice to run a race without knowing each step of the course and having it programmed in my mind.  Steamtown was an option but I couldn’t pass up running around Inner Harbor and Fells Point, two places I loved as a kid and still enjoy.

THEN I realized it was hilly and now I’m having a mini panic attack.  But I will survive.  I’m upping my incline on my runs at Unite and I’ll be sure to work in some more hill work during training.

I haven’t quite found a training plan I love, so please let me know if you have any suggestions!

244 days until Race Day!!!