Braving the winter weather (kinda).

It is no secret that I am not built for the winter weather.  In my mind, it should snow on Thanksgiving after everyone completes their Turkey Trots and again from Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, but not enough that it interferes with fun, running, or family travel plans.

At this point, I am feeling a lot like this 4-year-old, but a lot less adorable.

And by “feeling,” I mean I said something to that effect every time I’ve shoveled so far.

The constant coating of ice and snow has made it difficult to run outside regularly, but when I do get outside it’s this feeling of euphoria that is only rivaled by a really excellent sale on Michael Kors.


One thing that has really helped me stick with my regular routine (kinda) is making sure I have gym and running buddies lined up.  As usual, Steph is as crazy as I am and will always meet me if I ask and having Meghan meet me at Unite and Kate or Maddie meet me at yoga is a big help when it comes to keeping me honest!

I have also run with a local running group called Run Like A Philly Girl a few times.  The girls are super nice and I’m happy to know that they’re running just as many miles as I am at whatever pace they want and we’re all eventually accomplishing the same goal.  I don’t want to turn around early and disappoint them!

One issue I do have with running with a running group is my addiction to music.  I can’t chat while running and I love to take the time to zone out in my head.  Is it rude to keep one headphone in?  I want to make sure I’m pushing myself pace wise, which often makes breathing difficult and therefore talking sucks.

So, fellow group runners, please tell me what to do.  We all know I like talking as much more than the next person, so I don’t want them to think I’m a mean girl.  I also don’t want to pass out from lack of oxygen due to conversing!

On run days, we wear headphones. Or do we?



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