Monday Musings

Bad Blogger here.

Since I’ve neglected sharing things that my mom you guys care about, I’ve decided to sum everything up in one post called “Monday Musings” because I’m original and fun and that title has never been used before.

1. Lent started last Wednesday and I decided to give up dairy.  Yes, I’m still alive…apparently you can’t die from lack of nachos.  I was shocked, too.  Since I’m already an almond milk devotee, the biggest issue for me is cheese and the random things you don’t really think of, like butter.  I can’t go to Dunkin for my morning coffee because they don’t have any non-dairy creamer, so that’s been weird, too.  I keep a thing of almond milk in my work fridge and I’m trying out different non-dairy alternatives, like almond milk yogurt and almond cheese.  I’m trying to avoid soy as much as possible due to the issues that it can cause, but I’m planning on doing a review of all of these things in a later post.  Spoiler alert: I’m going to be buying a not almond milk type of cheese next time.

2. I’m running the 2014 Baltimore Marathon!  The fact that everyone is responding with “Oh, isn’t that really hilly?” is terrifying, but I’m also excited. At the recommendation of two friends who I consider “professional” runners (Lauren and Rachel, I love you) I’m going to use the Hanson method for this race!  You run lower mileages more frequently, mimicking the tired legs that you’ll have when running in the race itself.  If it’s good enough for Des, it’s good enough for me.  Since we’re on the same level and everything.

What I think I look like while running…and what I actually look like.

3. I watched the entirety of True Detective in 24 hours, which enabled me to catch up with the rest of the free world fast enough to enjoy the finale in real time.  Let me just say….WTF.  I stopped breathing several times and forced Marty to cuddle with me because I was scared of being alone.  Obviously Marty could protect me since he’s a whopping like 7lbs or however much cats weigh.  Sidenote: I find Woody Harrelson strangely attractive and it makes me uncomfortable.


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