The Hanson Method -or- How To Torture Someone, Legally.


Marathon Book
This book will be in shambles by the time I cross the finish line on October 12!

I am pretty sure our mail lady thought that Ryan Gosling himself was in the box she dropped off this morning.  My face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning, not like a girl in her late 20s who is about to torture herself for the third time just so she can pay someone $100 to allow her to run 26.2 hilly miles.  Who was the first person to charge for a race?  Do you think they thought “I can’t believe these idiots are paying me…”?

The Hanson Method is a training plan developed by Luke Humphrey, Keith Hanson, and Kevin Hanson.  It is based around running lower mileage runs more frequently and emphasizes the quality of the miles over the quantity.  It’s used by the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, which is now one of the nation’s most successful running groups and home to awesome women marathoners like Des Davila.  Like I mentioned before, I was drawn to this plan thanks to my friends Rachel and Lauren, who both have had success with it.

Looking at the plan itself is a tad overwhelming.  While the dreaded two-zero number is nowhere to be found, there are several 8 milers on Saturdays followed by 15 milers on Sundays….wtf.  I’m going to be spending quality time with a book, ice packs, and my foam rollers.  I’m excited to challenge myself and use something a bit more in depth than the Marathon Rookie program I’ve used previously.  I still HIGHLY recommend that program for anyone who wants to run their first marathon.  It’s so user friendly.

I can’t wait to read the book and start training.  Well, I can kinda wait to start training…I’m in that “exscareded” phase where sometimes I’m like “LET’S DO IT!” and other times I want to cry and eat ice cream.

When I start to get the hankering for ice cream and sorrows, I watch this.

Now I’m ready to beat the Soviets run a marathon.

I’m interested to see how this program will work for someone like me, who is more like the tortoise than the hare but has a lot of drive and knows she can cover the distance.  Fingers crossed!

Marty is NOT impressed with my drive and determination.


One thought on “The Hanson Method -or- How To Torture Someone, Legally.

  1. Lindsay March 11, 2014 / 3:17 pm

    HAHA, love the Marty picture & caption! SARAAAAH, I can’t wait to hear how your training goes and what you think of the method!!! ❤

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