I miss my purple Umbros.

The first gym I ever belonged to was the West Shore YMCA.  They’ve done several renovations over the years, so it’s a little fancier than when I was a regular, but I lovedddddd that place.  I took gymnastics lessons there when I was younger, had swim practice there in high school, and got a summer membership so I could go after my freshmen year in college.  Elliptical, weights, a little bit of running…all done in whatever ratty tshirt was clean and Umbro shorts (I liked my purple ones the best, but the red ones were cool, too).

I bet 99% of 20-somethings owned at least one pair of these.

I miss those days of $20 shiny shorts that most definitely gave you swamp ass if you were working out hard enough.

Now it’s the days of $90 yoga pants and $70 tank tops.  And I’m not pointing fingers….I buy into that too.  I have a shopping addiction in general, but the most dangerous store for me to be let loose in is Dicks.  I can’t even begin to explain the damage that I can do to my wallet if I’m left to my own devices.  There are very few things I’d rather spend my money on than a fancy new pair of running capris and a cute (but not matchy-matchy) top.

Since Lululemon is practically taking over the world, I feel a kind of pressure lately to look cute at the gym…and I don’t mean just clean and not too smelly, but actually attractive.  I could count on one hand the amount of girls in my usual class who don’t wear something completely over priced, yet totally adorable.

I recently saw an article on People.com about the girl we love to hate, Miss Kimmy Kardashian, and her gym style, which includes a full face of makeup.  Instead of thinking some unkind thoughts about her like I normally would, I thought “Girl, I get where you’re coming from!”  It’s bad enough being a normal girl going to the gym and feeling like you have to put yourself together.  I couldn’t imagine being hounded by the paps while I’m just trying to get my sweat on.

Where did this insanity even come from?  What happened to rolling out of bed and just showing up in whatever you found that was clean, matching or not?  

My new favorite gym tank (obvi not Lululemon) from the beautiful Erica!

One thought on “I miss my purple Umbros.

  1. Jason May 28, 2014 / 8:17 am

    OMG I miss those Umbros!! I totally go looking for them online every once in a while!! HAHA 🙂

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