Five Favorite Things on Friday

1. – I just scored two pairs of my favorite sneakers (the Asics Kayanos) for the price of one!  They were on super sale due to being an older model (who cares what model, right?!) and then I found a coupon code on  I’m so pumped!  I bought two because I like to rotate my shoes while marathon training and a recent study backed me up on that!

My beautiful babies!

2. My tax return.  – Self-explanatory.

3. The fact that Colin Powell took a selfie 60 years ago.

The selfie that beat all other selfies.

4. My bridesmaids dress for my friend Jess’s wedding. – It’s beautiful!  And it looks great on all of us.  We felt very “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” when we tried it on….so many different body types, but a universally flattering style!

Can’t wait to celebrate with these idiots.

5. The fact that it’s Friday. – Has anyone else thought this was the longest week known to man?

One thought on “Five Favorite Things on Friday

  1. Jess March 17, 2014 / 9:22 am

    Honestly, this month is the longest monthhhhh!!

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