Thankful Things Thursday

I am totally stealing this from the running blogger that got me into blogging, Miss Ali, the coolest chick around.  It’s kind of in honor of her awesome week.  If you don’t stalk follow Ali like I do, you should start.  She’s awesome.

1. The first day of spring and the springlike temps that accompanied it.  – I woke up this morning with my 5am “Are you going to run or sleep?” alarm, saw it was above 40º and hightailed it out the door like a bat out of hell.  I smiled and waved at every man, woman, child, and dog that was anywhere near me and most of them smiled back.  The Philly thaw has begun, people!

2. This is directly linked to #1….NEW RUNNING SNEAKERS!  I mentioned before that Running Warehouse had my beloved Asics Kayanos on super sale and they came in really quickly (another plus!).  I couldn’t wait to take them for their first spin this morning.  I also got to wear my hot pink pants which are now reserved for working out in the dark because of an unfortunate incident that sounds like “amp swass.”

New Sneakers
I have never noticed how skinny my ankles are in comparison to my massive man calves. At least I am cankle-free?

3. Iced coffee beverages. I love them.  I can’t get enough of them.  I’m going to be able to keep my Starbucks Gold Card status for another year due to my purchases of iced coffee alone.

Iced Coffee
You didn’t believe me when I said I was excited, did you? Now you know I speak the truth.

4. Flywheel.  I wrote about this magical land awhile ago, and I’m finally treating myself to another class.  Happy hour for the fitness crowd.  Lindsay is gonna be so jealous.

5. Fortune Cookies.  I ordered Chinese last night and my fortune was written by Captain Obvious. Tell me something I don’t know, Fortune Cookie Man.


I’m heading to Unite later for my first two-a-day in a very, very long while.  Keep your fingers crossed that my legs don’t declare mutiny and walk away on their own.

3 thoughts on “Thankful Things Thursday

  1. Lindsay March 20, 2014 / 7:37 pm

    I am SO jealous about your FlyWheelin’! I’m heading back to Philly this second for Howl at the Moon (SARAAAAH) and FlyWheel. And Bakeries. Okay see you soon 😉

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