Unplanned rest days are the best days.

I woke up on Tuesday with every intention of going to the gym on Wednesday, but my legs didn’t share the same sentiment.  After working out 5 days in a row, my body was like “Whoa, hold up.”  They weren’t sore, but they were tight and tired and….blah.

I decided to come home and make dinner and spend time with my neglected foam roller and holy moly that thing works.  I went through the Runner’s World how-to videos and rolled out my legs and back….I kind of feel like a new person.

It’s a gentle reminder that listening to your body is super important.  As a larger runner with flat feet, I know I’m prone to injury.  Thankfully I’ve found the right shoes (Asics Kayanos are beautiful, beautiful things) and I heed the gentle reminders before they become loud notices from my body to my brain.

So the rest of the night involves a little more foam rolling and a lot of rest….and a couple hundred viewings of this….

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