Dehydration Nation

I started my weekend with a wedding and ended with epic dehydration issues….all-in-all, a solid weekend.

Amanda and Ian’s wedding was absolutely gorgeous!  So fun.  And the food was awesome, as was the beer which I probably drank too much off.  Great idea before a half-marathon.

The beautiful Kate and me on the bus…this was pre-beer and pre-windswept hair.

I spent Saturday being mildly productive…cleaning, groceries, and grabbing my race bib from Meghan’s house.  Ate dinner, ate salty chips, and went to bed feeling pretty excited for a fall-like race.


Holy  humidity on Sunday!  And I was the worst hydrator in the history of water.  I didn’t feel that hot, so I just sipped some here and there which was STUPID since I was so sweaty that my pants were soaked through by mile 7.  Too little too late.  I finished, grabbed a Gatorade and banana before heading home to jump in the shower and head to McGillins for the Eagles, where I didn’t drink enough water for sure.

I left right after the game, grabbed a SmartWater from Walgreens, bought froyo (Whirled Peace is the best place in Philly, hands down) then went home and died a little.  Seriously. I slept from 6pm-9pm, woke up, ate an english muffin, then went to bed for reals.  It probably took me until 3pm yesterday to feel 100%.  I am an idiot.

What I should have done:

1. Drank a lot more water on Friday night/Saturday.

2. Drank the ENTIRE Gatorade after the race as well as a lot more water.

3. Ate a real meal (not chili nachos).

4. Put down the beer.


Do as I say, not as I do.

Go Eagles.

The end.


One thought on “Dehydration Nation

  1. Lindsay September 24, 2014 / 11:58 am

    Go Eagles. The end. <– bahaha. Love you and your candidness about this! I'm not always the best at drinking water either, and can definitely feel the difference when I don't. Congrats on the race! ❤

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