Don’t call it a comeback.

Actually, you can call it a comeback because I have neglected this little guy for months….as usual.  Why am I so bad at this blogging thing??

Some updates in my life…

1. I registered for another marathon! – I’ll be running the Rock & Roll DC marathon in March 2015 in all its hilly glory.  I’m using a plan that my friend’s dad created for me.  It’s three runs a week, plus one run at Unite, one bike/row at Unite, and a yoga class (allegedly….I’ve been a yogi failure recently).  Hopefully it sets me up to hit my goal of a sub-5 hour marathon!

2. I’m going back to school. – I’ve been pretty unhappy in my communications program for awhile now.  It’s nothing against Drexel, but the program is much more research based than I’m interested in.  I wish I would have taken action earlier and saved myself a lot of money and time, but you live and you learn…right?  RIGHT?  I start taking pre-reqs for my new program in January…hopefully you’ll be able to call me Annie Acri, RD sooner rather than later.

That’s really everything for now.  I promise I’ll have more to say in future posts, including a closer look at my training plan and some interesting tidbits about the holiday season!!