Registering for a Spring Marathon: The Day I Lost My Damn Mind.

Sitting at my desk at work, one mild day in November, fresh off of a 8K PR (yes, I’ve run more than one and therefore it’s an actual PR), I said to my friend Steph “Let’s do a spring marathon!” “OK!” Steph says!  YAY!  Steph is an ultra-marathoner, my inspiration when I don’t feel like running, and obviously a little wacky because she didn’t say “Spring marathons mean winter training!”

BUT WHO CARES ABOUT WINTER TRAINING?!  My theory was no one gets married this spring, therefore my winter will not be filled with social invites and I can dedicate myself fully to marathon training.  THIS WAS A SOLID PLAN!

This was not a solid plan.


IT IS SO COLD OUTSIDE, GUYS.  WHAT THE EFF?  Seriously.  And there’s snow. SNOW.

But guess who is KILLING this marathon thing?  Me.

After crushing a windy 8 miler last night well below my marathon goal pace, I am on Cloud 9.  (In case you were wondering, my version of Cloud 9 is filled with sunshine, warmth, puppies, and Jack Daniels.  It’s a glorious place.)  Even this morning’s snowfall isn’t getting me down!  It might get me on the treadmill on Thursday AM, but I’m still rockin and rollin.

Speaking of rockin…Rock & Roll DC, here I come!

One thought on “Registering for a Spring Marathon: The Day I Lost My Damn Mind.

  1. Lindsay January 6, 2015 / 11:27 am

    Best post ever – I love your version of cloud 9, except for the JD because yuck. I prefer vodka. SARAAAAH. I HATED training for the DC half last winter in the snow, but I actually found myself kind of missing it this year. Ask me about this again once I’m uninjured because #alloftheemotions. ❤

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