Five Favorite Things on Friday

1. Gift certificates that allow me to buy coffee guilt free.  I’m trying to cut back on spending and coffee was one of the first things to go but thank God for coworkers and friends who understand and enable my addiction by gifting me coffee.

2. This clip of Liam Neeson’s prank call to Maggie Grace’s ex-boyfriend.  Everyone needs a Liam Neeson in their life.  Or preferably, the real Liam Neeson.

3. The dreadmill. While we normally have a tumultuous relationship, I’ve really appreciated having access to one training for Rock & Roll DC. While I get bored out of my gourd after a few miles, you can’t run a marathon if you’re broken on the ground after hitting a patch of ice.

4. My YakTrax. You need to get these things.  I wear them to walk to work and it’s a much less stressful walk when I know that I’m not going to die. Thank you, Dad.

5. This dress. I rented it for an event in March and I am insanely excited to wear it.  Rent the Runway never disappoints.

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