Spring Workout Resolutions

My marathon is coming up in 20 days (EEK!) and I am definitely not where I had hoped to be in terms of training.  The ice, the cold, and the general blah-ness of winter has made training more difficult than I anticipated.  I am still excited and ready(ish) to run my third marathon, but my lofty goals of the late fall are now gone and replaced with more reasonable but still exciting ones.  I’m going to re-evaluate after my long run this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed for decent temps in DC!

All of these “feels like” sub-zero and single digit days have inspired me to make some springtime workout resolutions…

1. I will not give up the chance to get an early morning run in. I miss starting my days with a few miles along Kelly Drive but it just hasn’t been feasible with the amount of ice still on the sidewalks.  It’s easier to run a marathon with sub-par training than it is to run one with a broken ankle.  I can’t wait to get back out in the early hours with my fellow nutty runners.

2. I will get back in the pool. I rejoined the Drexel gym so I could have access to a treadmill and a pool on a regular basis, but I haven’t taken advantage of it as I should. Part of it is the distance (it’s a subway ride from my apartment) but it’s also the hassle of dragging my morning get-ready gear to the gym and back.  When the temps are warmer, I feel like I don’t wear as much makeup and I dry my hair much less (top knot for the win!).  Can’t wait to cut my prep time (and prep materials) in half.

3. Iced coffee.  This isn’t really a resolution so much as a “Wah, I miss iced coffee.” I make no apologies for my feelings.

Broad Street Run!

I didn’t make it into the lottery (sadface) so I am running with the Fairmount Park Conservancy, a great organization that helps my beloved Kelly Drive. 🙂  For more information or donation opportunities, check out my CrowdRise page here.