ClassPass: A review.

After a tough year running wise last year, I ended 2015 with a hamstring injury.  I never went to PT, but after a semester at Google University I self-diagnosed a proximal hamstring strain.  The suggestions were resting and strengthening, so I decided that I was not going to run for a month and give my leg time to recoup.

The problem was, what would I do instead?  I belong to a great regular gym, but if I can’t run it limits my cardio.  They don’t offer as many spin classes as I would like and I can only take so many elliptical sessions before I want to throw myself off a building.

That’s where Classpass comes in!  A few friends suggested that I try it, given that I love new fitness classes and a lot of my favorite studios are on there already, such as Flywheel and Unite.  You can attend each studio 3 times during the month using Classpass, but you can take an unlimited number of classes overall.

It’s $89 a month, although by using this link you can get $20 off your first month.  No commitments and no sign up fee, which was key for me.  While it’s definitely a great deal, I’m not sure if $89 is sustainable for me.  This way, I’m not stuck with an expense every month if I decide can’t afford it.  They also offer an option of freezing your membership for $19/month.  You still get to take one class during the frozen months and you’re probably still spending less than you would if you registered for the class normally (hello Flywheel and your $28 fees).

After one month of using it, I can definitely tell you that I’m hooked.

Overall Rating: Five Stars (out of 5)

Number of Classes Attended: 10

Studios Attended: Priya Hot Yoga, Flywheel, Unite Fitness, Row Zone, Anjali Power Yoga


  • There are sooooo many studios on Classpass.  From spinning to barre to Crossfit to rowing to boot camps, you can really find anything on there.
  • You can try studios that have been on your radar for awhile without actually committing to a membership there.
  • At $89 per month, you’re spending a lot less per class than you would if you signed up via their website.
  • You can take Classpass on vacation with you.  Changing your “metro area” is super easy and allows you to take classes in different cities while you’re out of town.
  • My workouts have been so varied and inspired lately that I can feel my body making some great changes.  I was lacking this with my own non-running workouts.


  • It’s not cheap.  While it can be a great deal, it’s also still a large expense that I’m not sure is sustainable for me right now.
  • There are limited classes available.  I was a little disappointed that some studios, like Unite, offer very few classes to Classpass members.  I understand they need to keep them for their own clients, but I think they could do a little better with offering more accessible times.
  • Classes fill up quickly.  If you want to go to Flywheel, sign up early!!

I think I’ll end up keeping it for another month or two to get me through the winter and into distance running weather, but after that we’ll see how I’m faring financially.  Definitely worth a shot though!!