This Week’s Workouts

Does anyone else think that the most stressful part of their week is planning workouts?  I get so worried that I’m not hitting all of my body parts, getting in enough cardio, or logging enough miles for whatever race I have coming up.

I don’t mean stress in a bad way, necessarily.  It’s like a little puzzle for me and in reality, it’s kind of fun.  Especially when I am trying to get into my favorite Classpass sessions.  It always ends up working out in the end.  I mean, worst case scenario: I take a rest day. Darn.

This week’s workouts have a great variety and include a new-to-me class, an outdoor boot camp with CoreFitness!

Monday: Hit up Dwyane’s class at Optimal…this class is truly a hidden gem.  The gym is this tiny little thing with no windows, but when Dwyane starts teaching the whole place lights up.  I want to try his hip-hop class one day, but I need to get over my lack of coordination.

Tuesday: Erin’s 6AM class at YogaHabit.  No better way to start the morning!

Yoga Habit
The sky from the studio.  This pic doesn’t do the view (or the space!) justice.

Wednesday: 6 miles outside.  I’m gearing up for the Oddyssey Half in a few weeks and I’m worried about getting my longer runs in.  6 miles is pretty much my threshold for morning runs (time-wise) and I’m gonna make it happen tomorrow!

Thursday: The Core Fitness Shred for Classpass class!! Can’t wait.  I’ll let you know how it goes, but the instructor emailed me about Battle Ropes.  They’re my frenemy, basically.

Friday: Ripped Abs at RippedPHL.  It’s my first time going to this studio in the morning, so I’ll report back about how showering/primping at the studio goes.  It’s always a gamble doing it for the first time!

Saturday: 4 miles and weights while I’m having a little vacation in Atlantic City.  My college roommate will be there for a conference, so we’re going to get some quality time together and I’ll hopefully get a quality workout while she’s out at the event!

Sunday: Reach and Raise!  I’m so excited to finally take part in this event.  Picture this: me and thousands of other yogis on the Art Museum.  I reached my goal thanks to generous friends, but it’s never too late to donate!

Can’t wait to feel the hard work pay off when it comes time for races and bikini season!


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