Passions (Not the soap…RIP)

I’ve been at my current job for about 4 years now and I’ve been bored for 3 and a half of them.  I like my coworkers, love my company, but as far as my day-to-day job goes….eh.  I don’t feel challenged. I think that lack of stimulation is working its way into other parts of my life.

While I search for another job, I’m left figuring out how to reignite passion in other areas of my life.  I committed myself to training for my 4th attempt (hopefully third finish!) at the marathon distance. I rejoined Weight Watchers and have been working on cleaning up my diet and losing weight so that I feel like (and run like) my best self. I started a book club with my girlfriends from high school, which definitely helped me rediscover my love of reading.

Unfortunately, very rarely do you find a job that encompasses those things and allows you to make a living doing what you love.

So I have continued to find ways to do that outside of the office.  I love writing, so hence my return to blogging. My goal is to add in a little freelance writing, not necessarily for extra money, but for the love of it.  Maybe there will be fitness certifications in my future allowing me to share my love of working out with others.

Don’t get me wrong…I am still ferociously on the job hunt. I know that I can find a job that fulfills me more than I am fulfilled currently, but maybe I am meant to get my jollies outside of the 8-5 hours.

I’ve started by picking up a planner and following a pre-written “To Do” list (I. LOVE. LISTS.) in hopes of focusing my efforts after work.  It can be hard to come home after the office and gym and focus on another task, but I am always happy when I start.

Right now, I just need to try and stay focused on my goals!

Not this focused, though. Don’t want to scary anyone.


2 thoughts on “Passions (Not the soap…RIP)

  1. Raghav June 3, 2017 / 8:54 pm

    Annie, I was in the same boat as you until just this past week actually! I was getting frustrated working for a fitness distribution company as the work was getting repetitive. I needed a change and luckily now I’m working as a Social Media Consultant for an HR firm. Like you, I enjoy writing and I remember as an undergraduate writing heavily (and I’m not just talking about essays for classes) but articles for a college-lifestyle magazine; editing an academic journal and creating newsletters for my fraternity. I needed to get back into that mood and start writing again — I had been neglecting it for too long. Good luck with your journey back into writing! Hopefully, it balances the frustration at the job!

  2. Raghav June 3, 2017 / 9:09 pm

    It’s tough to find or get back into your passion once you are deep into your career. During my undergraduate years, I had so much time to focus on my studies, extracurricular activities and my social life and I imagined that life would remain the same after graduation! Not so of course — I’ve got to find a way to balance grad school, work and find time to socialize and pursue my passions so we are in the same boat.

    Glad that you are incorporating fitness and freelance writing into your schedule; Writing is a passion of mine which I’ve neglected in the past few years and am getting back to. Fitness is crucial – I was stuck in a job for two years in which I was overwhelmed with hours that I neglected my health. Now that I’m in a new career and working from home I’ve got time to incorporate fitness back in.

    Good luck with your journey!

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