Welcome to the world, Jack!

It has been quite awhile since I have visited my blog, let alone wrote anything. Life gets in the way, but so does my own laziness. It’s been so long that I have managed to become a mom since the last time I was here!

John Robert aka Jack was born on May 22. His 8lbs, 14oz was much smaller than the anticipated 10+ pounds that the doctor predicted (THANK GOD), but at 21.5 inches long, he was definitely my kid. Since then, he has beefed up quite a bit…so much so the doctor measured him twice at his 2 month checkup to make sure she didn’t make a mistake!

All in all, my pregnancy was easy (minus a pandemic, clearly). I had a short bout of morning sickness early on which threw me for a carb-filled loop. I had a few common aversions…eggs, touching raw meat, and chicken…and I craved cereal like Kellogg’s was going out of business. My diet didn’t change much, so imagine my surprise when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes!

I know now that GD isn’t the fault of the mother, but the fault of a lazy placenta. I had passed my one hour sugar test with flying colors, but the anticipated size of the baby plus at-home monitoring of my blood sugar told a different story. While I wasn’t convinced I had GD, I decided that following the diet would do nothing but make sure that Jack and I were both healthy. I missed eating candy, but I powered through.

One thing that I would not give up is working out. As my pregnancy went on, my exercise routine changed dramatically. Running was out early on because it wasn’t comfortable, so I began walking more. I did at home boot camps with local gyms and spent quite a bit of time doing yoga with the Peloton instructors. I can’t recommend enough that other pregnant women do the same, with the blessing of your doctor. While the rest of me felt very large and uncomfortable, I was extremely proud of my arms by the time I was ready to go to the hospital!

I’m planning on sharing Jack’s birth story this weekend and I’m excited to use this blog to share some pregnancy tips and tricks that I picked up along the way, as well as share my post-partum fitness journey. While most races are cancelled for the foreseeable future, I have some big goals for myself this year: I want to PR in the 5K and 10K.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you!