Remember when Facebook had those survey questions?



Well, there is currently one going around the blogosphere.  When Gina from The Fitnessista did it, I knew it was cool so I decided to give it a shot.  P.S. – Read her blog if you don’t…she’s got great recipes and workout videos, along with an adorable family.


Current Books

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is currently on my nightstand, but I also have a few on deck: Born to Run, The Poisonwood Bible, and The Inner Circle.

How do you guys read your books?  Kindle, library, book you purchased?  I do a combo of all three.  I love my Kindle and it’s SO convenient, but I also try to support the Free Library.  If I really love a book, chances are I’ll buy it to add to my overflowing bookshelf.


Current Music

The Les Mis Spotify Station.  Who doesn’t love Les Mis?


Current Guilty Pleasure

Planters Nut and Chocolate Trail Mix.  One of those junk-ish foods disguised as a healthy snack.  Oh well…long hair don’t care.


Current Nail Color

Sabrina by Zoya. Some magazine ran a special a few months ago and I got a super good deal on a few polishes.  I still prefer Essie, but I can’t turn down a bargain.

photo (1)

Current Drink

Water, as usual at the point during the day.


Current Show

I am newly obsessed with Graceland on USA and I will tell anyone who will listen.  I am a sucker for Aaron Tveit.

And here he is 1. in plaid 2. with puppies. Have mercy. (Image source.)


Current Wish List

Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara.  It’ll be off my wish list at 5:05pm when I can get to Sephora.


Current Need

A nap.


Current Indulgence

I bought soooo many burgers at Whole Foods this morning.  Buck a burger sale!


Current Blessing

All of the friends that I’ll be having those overpriced drinks with later.

God, I am so lucky.


Current Outfit

A purple dress from the Gap, black cardigan, and navy Toms (they don’t match, but it’s Friday…gotta get down on Friday).


Current Excitement

It’s Friday.


Any exciting plans for the weekend?


Annie Runs on Donuts Today

First order of business, it is National Donut Day.  You have approximately three and a half hours (more if you’re a lucky West Coaster) to get a donut and devour it completely guilt-free.  After all, you’re only being patriotic. Luckily, I have the best boss who recognizes national holidays and she swung by Federal Donuts on her way into the office.

From left to right: lavender sugar, Indian spice, cinnamon sugar, and s’more. My favorite flavor was E. All of the above.

After consuming many tiny pieces of donuts,I had lofty goals for my lazy Friday night: go for a long run, hit up Whole Foods, and do laundry.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and dumped an ocean’s worth of water on Philadelphia since rush hour last night.

I still got my workout in, albeit on the elliptical, but Whole Foods was just not happening.  So here I sit, waiting for my leftovers to heat up.  Laundry is happening, but only so I have clean workout pants to wear to Philadelphia Magazine’s Be Well Boot Camp!

I was lucky enough to be a guest blogger for Be Well Philly during my marathon training last year. A few weeks ago, the editor contacted me and asked me to be the moderator for the Conquer Your First 5K panel and I couldn’t be more excited!

It wasn’t long ago that I was a newbie runner, hoping not to finish last in her first 5K (I did).  I’m still not breaking any records, unless there’s a record for biggest smile while crossing the finish line, but I have definitely learned a lot since that race.  Two marathons later and I’m not looking back! I know the panel experts will have a lot to offer to runners of all levels, so if you’re attending the Boot Camp, please come check it out!

I leave you with this thought…

I run...I'm slower than a herd of stampeding turtles through peanut butter, but I run!