Unite In Pink!

Since I decided to not run the Philly Marathon this year, I’ve tried to put more cross-training into my workout routine.  It’s been going great and my knees and psyche feel like a million dollars.  When my friend Lauren asked me to join her at a breast cancer awareness event at her gym, Unite, I couldn’t pass it up.  Lauren is in amazing shape and claims it’s mostly due to this gym.  After last night’s workout, I’m inclined to believe her.

First of all, everyone is super friendly…instructors especially.  Maybe they do it so you won’t hate them when you’re running at 6.5mph on a 10 incline (yes, that happened…no, I didn’t die).  We started out with 30 minutes of cardio in their cardio room.  You get to pick between treadmills, spin bikes, and rowers.  I obviously went with the running….while I wasn’t super confident in my ability to finish the strength training portion of the class, I knew I could handle a treadmill!  Ann Marie led us through a very intense, yet very awesome, interval session.  Like most sane people, I don’t put much of an incline on my treadmill while I’m running.  I don’t know if I’m scared I’ll fall off (totally uncoordinated right here) or if I don’t feel like working that hard, but thanks to Ann Marie’s pushing, I won’t be so scared to do it on my own next time!

At this point, I was insanely sweaty and we still had 30 minutes of dreading lifting yet to go!  I am a cardio girl, not a strength training girl.  If I hit up the free weights for 20 minutes twice a week, I think I’m halfway to being a professional athlete.  Strangely, this portion was actually a lot of fun.  Juliet led us through a bunch of exercises using dumbbells, resistance bands, a step and our own body weight.  Maybe it’s because it was done in timed segments rather than number of reps, but time FLEW by.  Her cheerful attitude definitely helped and I didn’t even hate my life when we did lateral raises.  I’d consider that a smashing success.

I’m taking a regular class there on Monday, but I have a feeling I’ll be getting some sort of membership or class pack soon.  It was too great of a workout to not do it.  I wonder if they’ll get me to do a real pull-up….I still have nightmares about pull-ups from middle school gym.


Borrowed from Unite’s Facebook page…I haven’t seen that much pink since Victoria’s Secret redid their color scheme.