About Me



Hi!  My name is Annie.  I’m an Executive Assistant in Philadelphia, as well as a two-time marathoner and a workout junkie.

If you had read the previous sentence to 5th grade Annie, she would have laughed at you.  A little chubby and extremely uncoordinated, sports were not my forte.  While I was always into “working out” aka trying to lose weight, I never had a routine that stuck until I tried running in high school.  While cross country wasn’t for me, I figured out the place running would have in my life: stress relief and a sense of accomplishment.

The love of exercise stuck with me throughout college.  I got a job at the college gym and developed a group of friends with similar interests in working out.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to stave off the Freshmen 15. Through these new gym friends, I found out the importance of nutrition. While I’m not always a perfect eater or a hardcore gym junkie, I have adapted a healthy lifestyle that works for me (and my doctors).

My love of distance running began with my first Broad Street Run in 2007 and has continued through more than 52 races since, including two marathons. I find myself somewhere in the middle of the running pack – definitely not going to win, but toward the back of the middle and trying to move up. So far, so good! I’ve set several personal bests in the last year.

I decided to start this blog after blogging for Philadelphia Magazine’s Be Well Philly and reading way too many fitness/running blogs at work (all of which you can find on the side of the page).  They inspired me to try new workouts, try new recipes and now they’ve inspired me to start blogging!

Please keep in mind I’m not a nutritionist or a trainer or super fast runner…Like you, I’m just striving to live a healthy, fun, and balanced lifestyle. The only goal of this blog is to create a fun and supportive community of gym lovers, and fit foodies…consult your doctor before you implement any lifestyle changes!


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